Thoughts from Susan

Review the links below to learn more about Susan’s work.

  • Susan and Rod Berger talk about technology in today’s classrooms (February 21, 2018).
  • Susan and Dan Morris are interviewed at FETC 2018 by the Ed TechGuys.
  • In this webinar, Susan offers an overview of the digital literacy skills today’s educators need.
  • Jay Willis interviews Susan about her journey as a school administrator in this episodeof Educators Lead.
  • Susan teams up with Tim Landeck to discuss the importance of IT and education staff partnerships in this webinar.
  • Susan discusses BYOD pros and cons in this webinar.
  • In this webinar, Susan explains 5 effective ways to use iPads and Android tablets in classrooms.
  • Susan Brooks-Young is one of several educators interviewed during this 2 minute video called What Teachers Need from PD.