Online Misbehavior – Swastika Beer Pong

Following a weekend party, multiple photos showing high school students drinking beer and making Nazi salutes are posted on social media. Local newspapers and television stations report the story. How do school officials handle this?


Read this article from – OC Students Play Swastika Beer Pong, Nazi Salute: Report

Discuss the following questions:

Do the schools involved have jurisdiction over something that happened off campus on a non-school day? Why?

How would you respond to concerns expressed by parents and students?

How would you respond to reporters?

How might the response from the private high school differ from the public high schools?

Additional articles about the incident and immediate aftermath.

Photo of OC students at party with swastika image sparking outrage – ABC News

Swastika photo sparks outrage — including from a Holocaust survivor — at meeting in Newport Beach – Orange County Register

Swastika photo at O.C. teen party doesn’t surprise some students: ‘That’s the way it is’ – L.A. Times

Teen Pictured Posing With Swastika Is No Longer Attending Catholic School – Huff Post

Former Newport Beach Students Nazi Salute Around Swastika at High School Party – New University

O.C. teens involved in swastika party meet with Anne Frank’s stepsister – L.A. Times

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