WIN Activist Burnout Series – Part 3


If We All Do One Random Act of Kindness…
by heathbrandon 

One way I have extended grace to others (Add to chat as you sign on.)

Dos and don’ts for navigating political, COVID-themed conversations during the holidays

Share a second helping of facts this Thanksgiving

One fun fact about me (Add to chat)


Strangers: secret kindness, a little kindness

Acquaintances: consistent kindness, call people by name

Friends and family members: reach out and touch someone, tell me a story

Additional ideas: pay it forward, assume the best


Activities to do on your own: recorded workouts (online or DVD, example), small movements (desk yoga),

Activities to do with a partner: mirroring, dance party (Dance Church, dance party Spotify playlist), walking buddy

Activities to do with groups: gym workouts, live group classes, team sports

21-Day Challenge – how it works, make a plan, accountability (downloadable habit tracker)


Did you miss this session? Watch the recording here.

Next Steps

What questions to you have related to helping others with these strategies? (Google Doc)

WIN Activist Burnout Series