ASTE Conference: Pathways to Well-Being: Helping Educators (and Others) Find Balance in a Connected World


Quintessential Work Stress video 

Six areas

Getting Focused—Relaxing breath, Take a Walk, Mirror Image, Blowing bubbles

Gratitude—Phone challenge, Gratitude scavenger hunt, Really listen to someone, Thank you notes

Empathy—Understand a stranger, Show yourself some empathy, Volunteer, Avoid stereotyping people

Being Positive—Listen to your favorite music, Create (and use) a personal mantra, Embrace the day, Find the silver lining, Get enough rest

Kindness—Give someone a break, Compliment someone, Daily gifts, Call people by name

Movement—Yoga stretch, Isometrics, Imaginary ball toss, Tai chi

Resources for further exploration

Well–Being Resources