Bias baked into Artificial Intelligence (AI) – The pros and cons of facial recognition and other AI tools on campus.

Facial recognition software on campus.


Read the Learning 2020 article, Is Bias Baked into AI? and the HRW article, Facial Recognition Technology in US Schools Threatens Rights.

Discuss the following questions.

What are some examples of AI applications that have been found to have biases built in?

What does it mean when someone says that biases found in AI are cultural, not personal?

What are some of the concerns related to use of facial recognition software in schools?

Should your school or district implement use of facial recognition software as a safety measure? Why?

Create one of the following

Brainstorm a list of the pros and cons of using facial recognition on campus as part of a campus security plan.

Prepare a statement (2 – 3 paragraphs) about the ethical concerns related to use of facial recognition software on school campuses.

Additional Resources

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Tackling bias in Artificial Intelligence (and in humans) McKinsey & Co. 

What Do We Do about the Biases in AI? Harvard Business Review 

This is how AI bias really happens–and why it’s so hard to fix, MIT Technology Review 

Discriminating algorithms: 5 times AI showed prejudice, New Scientist 

How bias distorts AI (Artificial Intelligence), Forbes

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