BCPS 2020 – Pathways to Well-Being: Finding Balance in a Connected World


      Chocolate Scene (video)

      Pathways to Well-Being (book)

      Plan Outline

      ReWi App (iOS)

      ReWi App (Android)


      Ideaboardz – free brainstorming tool

      Pro and Cons Brainstorming (Monday, 7-20)

      Pros and Cons Brainstorming (Tuesday, 7-21)

Gratitude/Being Positive

Notes: Gratitude/Being Positive

      Gratitude: Journal, Phone Challenge

      Being Positive: Personal Mantras, Embrace the Day

      Thank you note

      Positive Experience


Notes: Empathy/Kindness

      Empathy: Understand a Stranger, Avoid Stereotyping People

      Kindness: Give Someone a Break, Greet People by Name

      Wolf, Sheep, Cabbage https://www.proprofs.com/games/wolf-sheep-and-cabbage/

      Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes

      Daily Gifts

Getting Focused/Movement

Notes: Getting Focused/Movement

      Getting Focused:Relaxing Breath, Blowing Bubbles

      Movement: Take a Walk, Chair Exercises

      Flower and Candle

      Exercise Videos

Planning Time


Bonus resource: LiveBinder with resources for planning for Fall 2020 (related to scheduling, etc.)