Thompson Elementary School – Grade 5 (September 11, 2018)

All resources for today’s training are available below.



Brainstorming—Activity 1

New Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs


Frameworks and Models

Resources: Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy  (Bag the Web)

Digital Bloom’s Taxonomy

Resources: SAMR Model (Bag the Web)

Resources: TPACK Framework (Bag the Web)

Brainstorming—Activity 2


Alternatives to Bag the Web


Model Lesson

Fact or Opinion?

Newsela (source for articles)

Fact or Opinion? lesson plan


A Different Approach to Planning

Bloomin’ Apps—Kathy Schrock

Updated TPACK Learning Activity Types wiki

What a Decade of Research Tells Us About Technology in the Hands of Underserved Students

Brainstorming—Activity 3


Effective Instructional Strategies

Five Photo Stories Using Google Slides

Story in 5 Photos

Pictures Tell a Story: A Lesson in Sequencing

Copyright Law, Fair Use, and Images (Bag the Web)

How to Turn On Your Camera (pdf)

Instagram Stories Using Google Slides (directions and template from Matt Miller)


Writing Good Questions

Designing Effective Discussion Questions

Let’s Switch Questioning Around

Question Chart

Google Docs – Use a Doc to collect questions

Google Forms – Use a Google Form to create a student-written quiz or study guide


One-Minute Videos


Give our community a try by clicking here.

Adobe Spark

20 Video Ideas


Additional Ideas

Creating with the Chromebook

Google Site: Creating with Chromebooks

Eight Ways To Get Creative with Chromebooks

60 Tools: Chromebooks

Google Slide templates for mock  ‘Snapchat’ activities

10 lesson upgrades for learning with tech



Lesson Plan Template






Fusion Cohorts