WIN Activist Burnout Series – Part 4


The two focus areas in Session 3 were Kindness and Movement. Tell us briefly in chat one things you’ve done in the last three weeks related to either of these areas. (Add to chat as you sign on.)

21-Day Challenge

Breakout rooms

Group debrief

Your Questions


Feeling hopeless: 9 Things to Do If You Feel Hopeless, Tips for Dealing with Hopelessness

Engaging others

Self-care and privilege

Self-care and Privilege during the COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s Time to Talk About the Privilege of Self-Care

White People, We Need to Talk About ‘Self-Care’

Why It’s Time To Turn Self Care Into Community Care for Deeper Healing


In closing

Use FutureMe to write a letter to yourself that you will read on June 14, 2022.

Did you miss this session? Watch the recording here.

Want to hear more about expectations, feeling hopeless, engaging others as well as self-care and privilege? Here’s a bonus video addressing those topics.

WIN Activist Burnout Series