Web Tools that Support Marzano’s Instructional Strategies

Marzano’s Nine Instructional Strategies              

Review the resource subtabs on the Introduction tab in the LiveBinder linked below

Among the most effective strategies are:

Identifying Similarities and Differences

        Commonalities and differences, Categorizing, Analogies, Metaphors

        Review the resource subtabs on the Identifying Similarities and Differences tab in the LiveBinder.

Summarizing and Note Taking

        Identify essential information and put it in your own words

        Review the resource subtabs on the Summarizing and Note Taking tab in the LiveBinder

  Nonlinguistic Representation

        Use images, graphs, pantomime, and other visuals to express concepts

        Review the resource subtabs on the Nonlinguistic Representation tab in the LiveBinder

   Note: All the resources included in the LiveBinder also support:

        Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition

        Cooperative Learning


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